Natural Skin Care

Fine Line Cream

This cream targets the fine lines that develop around the eyes, the upper lip, and on the neck and bust as we age. Containing almond, macadamia, coconut, jojoba, wheatgerm and vitamin E oils, it is richly nourishing and rejuvenating. Beeswax helps to reduce moisture loss, while frankincense and palmarosa essential oils help to firm and tighten the texture of the skin.

28ml      R100.00

50ml      R190.00

100ml     R350.00

Nourishing Night Cream

This is a very rich moisturising, renewing and repairing cream, with jojoba, almond, coconut, macadamia, rosehip and grapeseed oils. Beeswax thickens the cream and reduces moisture loss, while neroli, lavender, rose geranium, lemon, rose and frankincense essential oils combine to work hard at rejuvenating your skin while helping you sleep with their gentle fragrance.

28ml      R100.00

50ml      R190.00

100ml     R350.00

Eye Cream

This is a very soft cream, ideal for applying to the tender skin around the eyes without stretching it. It’s rich texture consists of mango butter with hazelnut, hemp seed, rosehip, jojoba, castor and apricot kernel oils. As there are no essential oils, there is no possibility of causing irritation to the eye.

28ml      Rxx.00

50ml      Rxx.00

100ml     Rxx.00

Facial Massage Cream
100ml      R140.00

500ml     R650.00

Young Adult Serum
20ml      R100.00
Rejuvenating Serum
20ml      R180.00
Skin Repair Serum
20ml      R180.00


Blemish Oil
20ml      R80.00
Facial Scrub
20g     R40.00

100g      R175.00

Face Wash
125ml      R65.00
500ml      R300.00
Eye Makeup Remover
100ml      R95.00



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